Press Quotes of 2016

“As Malatesta, Baritone Lucas Meachem was a commanding presence, vocally forceful throughout.” –SF Gate

“Baritone Lucas Meachem was a sturdy, rich-voiced Dr. Malatesta, busily orchestrating the plot to foil Don Pasquale and humorously expressing devilish delight in its progress and success.” –SF Examiner

“Lucas Meachem is a genuine lyric baritone, as we [previously] heard in his sumptuous Wolfram. The 3rd Act aria had to surprise more than one person because it is a revised version by Mozart himself. Visibly at ease in the upper register, Lucas Meachem, so to say, gratifies, the public by closing the aria on a monumental A, completing this essential aria in the character’s profile and a dramatic extreme complexity, a simple virtuoso demonstration. However, brilliant! Too bad again because this artist has a commanding presence and a timbre, light certainly, but a nice color. His Billy Budd at the Opéra de Paris had not gone unnoticed, far from it.” –Classic Toulouse

“The stature of [Lucas Meachem], his personal charm, a kind of channeled energy but not always smooth makes this Count as endearing as he is irritating. His blunders are full of charm while preserving elegance. The voice is beautifully projected, wide and powerful when he wants and holding very soft piano sounds, giving a lot of emotion in his prayers to the Countess. The humor of the game allows him to always win the sympathy of the public which is quite unusual in that role.” –Classique News